Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Way of Pride

The grass rustles; a sent is carried on the wind. The herd waits for the inevitable. Minutes pass, nothing happens. Then it comes out of the blue, the grass erupts as a pride of lions pounce as if on a cue. The herd scatters, zigzagging from side to side, trying to avoid the wall of lions coming from behind; then out of nowhere lion’s spring out of the grass on all sides hemming in the herd. The animals are determined; they run straight at the lions and with a great amount of strain jump. Most make it over, but the little ones couldn't make it, they fell to the lions trap.
The lions start tearing into the feast, trying to stomach enough before the male lions come to take the prize. The male lions stroll over roaring at the others to get out of his way. Eagerly they start ripping into the carcasses that the felines had work hard to catch.
This be the way of lions, this is their path.

By The Unknown Seeker

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  1. Wow!!!! Cool, your stories are really cool. My problem is I can never fique out what I want t write about you seem to have no problems at all!!!!!!!!!!!! =)