Thursday, June 25, 2009

My New Face

No longer can I hide. Soon I will be found; some want the fame, other the fortune. My unknown face, soon to be revealed. Long I have hidden, soon to be forbidden.
An unknown world, just beyond the horizon. Never been seen, for yonder eye to find him. Forever it has been there, never seen by mortal eye, only those who wish to die. They call it strange, we all it home; for it be a land of foam.
This is my home, this is my place. Man lives here, unknown by most, known by all. Then came the men, riding on horses. Bangs come from metal rods. My kind starts falling, my mother topples, her side is red, she isn’t moving; I start to cry, my life is falling.
I’ve hidden since then I have never forgotten what man took from me, how close they drove me to insanity. My life has been destroyed since that day. I shall return someday, the humans shall be at bay.


  1. this is beautiful and verry sad :(

  2. Facinating - I'm trying to work out what "you" are in the story. I wonder if anyone else can work it out...