Monday, June 15, 2009

The Gray Wall

The sun is out, the kids are laughing, yet all they're doing is standing and gasping. They feel so sad now the shadows are falling. Now the darkness in the sky is falling so fast, they’re scared of the rain. All they can think is that it’s come to their fun, it’s time to run. Some don’t care about the rain; no matter if it’s pouring they’re out there all the same. Others hop inside just to hear the pitter patter of the rain. The thought of the rain makes some peoples blood run cold. The chill of rain is enough to make people cringe, yet for others it a dream. I for one hate the sight of rain inching its way closer to my game. It doesn’t matter heavy some always resent the rain.
As a storm blows over, cities spring to life, kids coming out and sliding in the new born mud. The adults look disapprovingly as their kids get filthy thinking I just washed those clothes and here it goes again, I’ll have to wash again. The boys flinging mud at their friends, once again. Then the girls are completely different, looking at the mud then their painted nails, and then they walk inside, only to be bombarded with mud by their little brother then join the fun. The overall fun that rain has brought is why kids can’t for it to stop and the soul reason for parents to want it to go on.
So next time raining don’t go straight to the dumps, think of the ups.

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