Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Life of the Past

The world is strange as it is, but it is about to get weirder yet. In a world death is a possibility and life is short, beasts roam the land. Survival of the fittest is not just a saying but a way of life. This is the days when man was the bottom of the food chain, struggling to get to the top. Hunted by all, man was lower than dirt. This is the story of mans success.

As we fight for our survival we evolve, we change and grow stronger. We developed weapons to hunt our prey and slowly advance on the food chain to become the top to all but nature.

This is our past, maybe our future.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Day Turns to Dusk

The white sun rises, casting its shadowy light.
The black night twinkles, covered with spots.
The white flies over the sky, wishing to go and yet to stay.
The sky grows darker as day grows near.

The darkness flees, afraid of the yellow star.
Slowly it grows stronger, shoving night away,
Out wits the tired night, over the border,
Over the foreboding horizon.

The day grows stronger, birds’ melodies louder.
The sky, a pale blue,
Dotted with fluffy white clouds.
The sun a golden circle.

Then day fall dawns, to repeat the cycle.
This flows like a river,
Doing the same night and day.

By The Unknown Seeker

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My New Face

No longer can I hide. Soon I will be found; some want the fame, other the fortune. My unknown face, soon to be revealed. Long I have hidden, soon to be forbidden.
An unknown world, just beyond the horizon. Never been seen, for yonder eye to find him. Forever it has been there, never seen by mortal eye, only those who wish to die. They call it strange, we all it home; for it be a land of foam.
This is my home, this is my place. Man lives here, unknown by most, known by all. Then came the men, riding on horses. Bangs come from metal rods. My kind starts falling, my mother topples, her side is red, she isn’t moving; I start to cry, my life is falling.
I’ve hidden since then I have never forgotten what man took from me, how close they drove me to insanity. My life has been destroyed since that day. I shall return someday, the humans shall be at bay.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Way of Pride

The grass rustles; a sent is carried on the wind. The herd waits for the inevitable. Minutes pass, nothing happens. Then it comes out of the blue, the grass erupts as a pride of lions pounce as if on a cue. The herd scatters, zigzagging from side to side, trying to avoid the wall of lions coming from behind; then out of nowhere lion’s spring out of the grass on all sides hemming in the herd. The animals are determined; they run straight at the lions and with a great amount of strain jump. Most make it over, but the little ones couldn't make it, they fell to the lions trap.
The lions start tearing into the feast, trying to stomach enough before the male lions come to take the prize. The male lions stroll over roaring at the others to get out of his way. Eagerly they start ripping into the carcasses that the felines had work hard to catch.
This be the way of lions, this is their path.

By The Unknown Seeker

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Boundless Plains

The plains are wild, the plains are free, the plains are all they should be. The plains fly to meet the sky, they run away from thy. The desserts of grass be so vast, not to be conquered by he. They bound the earth endless domain, searching for land to gain. If nothing be there, plains are there waiting for something to come. They fight for land then give it up without a single word.

Its voice seems to call you, once you leave to be back. All the more you yearn for it, but every time you return, it seems to have gone. But when all hope is gone, you hear the voice again, and off you go looking for a long lost friend.

By The Unknown Seeker

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why These Bonds

Every day, I long to fly with the birds, but restrained by these bonds to earth. I long for the freedom to feel weightless, to soar through the clouds. The dreams at night seam so real, but yet so far, and blocked by steel. Each day the burden grows stronger, I want to fly with all my heart. One long night I cannot sleep, the owl in the night sky makes me want to fly all the more. The sky is the limit but yet no more, for me the earth by my limit. All the more I yearn for the sky just to be vanquished on the brink of success. My will is pure that matters not for defeat is stronger by the end. The sky calls and the stars beckon yet all I can do is refuse their wishes. Many a man has failed in his attempt to fly yet all succumb to the same fate, but not for me. I shall fly, that by my fate, I shall succeed for this is my future. The day will come, for that I’m certain.
This is my fate, I see the curtain.

By The Unknown Seeker

My Unknown Face

My face is unknown; no one's seen it before. My face is now famous; it's made me a celeb. I am shy, I hide from you, my face does not change that. I'm afraid of you too. They call me a crook, they call me a thief, I’m just afraid you’ll call me a beast.
At school I was teased, at school they were mean, they called me a dog, they laughed behind my back. I heard them all the same; they said I was a freak, just because my teeth are as big as their feet. They said “go back to the pack,” I would say “just get off my back!” They all called me names, my friends joined in; even the teachers just stood there and grinned. I am hurt, in more ways than one; all I want is to run. I go for a run, some kids see me going, they think it will be funny, they call up the pound. Along comes a man, in a large truck. He pulls out a net, I start to turn, and then I notice there’s meat in the net. My instincts take over, I go for the meat. My brain is searing, thinking I better dash, I better scram. The man is sneering, saying “stupid dog, its poisoned meat!” That’s when I gained control, I ducked low and dived past the net and bit that guy between the legs! “Ouch” he yelled, “stupid dog.” Then I said “heard of soap?” Startled he ran down the street, leaving behind his van.
I’ve grown up since then in disgrace, never showing my face to the human race. People see me in the shadows my back to them. They come too close most the time, so I flee, this all they know of me.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Land of Water

The ocean aspires against all odds. The sea is mysterious, and all the more dangerous. The more we find out, the more we are wrong, for this is a beast which can not be tamed. It throws itself around, but is not harmed. It holds onto what it claims, from birds too plane. Land has no power, when water strikes, for it has the deadliest bite. The ocean claim, anything at all, so when will it be your beach’s fall? The sea is stronger than anything alive, and yet we it like we are starving. We are animals, are we not, we’re the same as chimps, so why this priority for us, so why take from the sea, when we have such a bounty. This is who I am, you can't change me, this is I will forever be.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Gray Wall

The sun is out, the kids are laughing, yet all they're doing is standing and gasping. They feel so sad now the shadows are falling. Now the darkness in the sky is falling so fast, they’re scared of the rain. All they can think is that it’s come to their fun, it’s time to run. Some don’t care about the rain; no matter if it’s pouring they’re out there all the same. Others hop inside just to hear the pitter patter of the rain. The thought of the rain makes some peoples blood run cold. The chill of rain is enough to make people cringe, yet for others it a dream. I for one hate the sight of rain inching its way closer to my game. It doesn’t matter heavy some always resent the rain.
As a storm blows over, cities spring to life, kids coming out and sliding in the new born mud. The adults look disapprovingly as their kids get filthy thinking I just washed those clothes and here it goes again, I’ll have to wash again. The boys flinging mud at their friends, once again. Then the girls are completely different, looking at the mud then their painted nails, and then they walk inside, only to be bombarded with mud by their little brother then join the fun. The overall fun that rain has brought is why kids can’t for it to stop and the soul reason for parents to want it to go on.
So next time raining don’t go straight to the dumps, think of the ups.